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12 Feb 2015: The AADC has recently become a "recommended repository" for the Nature journal Scientific Data

AADC a recommended repository for Scientific Data

02 Feb 2015: In order to improve data access and re-use, we are trialling login-less data access: publicly released data files may be downloaded without a user needing to have an account with the Data Centre. Download links are provided as part of each record in our metadata catalogue. Note that this change only affects stand-alone data files. A login is still required for some web applications that extract data on demand from our databases. We have an ongoing process of revamping our web applications, and access will be assessed on an application-by-application basis. An account is also required to gain access to restricted data sets or for administrative functions (e.g. data custodians).

Login not required to download data files

01 Sep 2014: Data Management Plans are the 1st milestone for all Australian Antarctic Science projects. Scientists can now watch an informative video about how to complete these plans.

A video tutorial on how to complete a Data Management Plan

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